The Benefits Digital Dental Photography

Since the invention of the X-ray, nothing has come along that will have the visual impact on your business like the digital camera. You have the ability to show your patients what they actually look like before and after treatment. Your professional images will communicate the value of quality comprehensive dental care.

Why not show your patients that you are willing to take the time and effort to get an attractive photograph for your records. Not only will they be more willing to allow you to take pictures, they will be more interested in looking at the end result if the pictures are taken in a more respectful environment and more positive conditions.

When a series of digital dental photographs is taken with a simple extra-oral camera system at each patient comprehensive exam, the dental team has a library of images for your patient that can be used during the consultation process or for a variety of purposes at a future time. The quality of the image is far superior to the intra-oral video systems, the storage of the images can be easily organized, and the images can be easily edited for a variety of uses.

Being able to immediately show your patient a series of dental photographs is often more educational than using a series of x-rays when explaining current conditions. The patient is WOWED by your modern technology, increasing your credibility and trust level with the patient.


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