Why Len Bucko and the Coaching Technique?

Len Bucko’s talents within the photography world are widely recognized and he has moved easily among diverse industries. Working in extremely challenging conditions as a TOP GUN instructor pilot (capturing images at 40,000 feet) or as an underwater cameraman and SCUBA Instructor Trainer ( at the bottom of the ocean or in water-filled caves void of life and light), his educational approach is the same. He cuts through the technical clutter and solves problems for his students. With his photo coaching session in your office, he will remove the innate fear that most people experience when faced with a new technology.

We know that you have probably taken the most recent dental photography course. Perhaps you purchased the software and the camera system. But if you are like most busy dentists, the camera is still in the box in your private office.

You have been meaning to review the instruction book and figure it out but you are busy treating patients and conducting the business of a normal hectic day. How do you find the time to incorporate digital pictures on all of your patients? Your time is more valuable than that…. You wouldn't dream of taking your own dental x-rays. Why would you want to be the one to take the digital photographs on your patients?

Perhaps you have not selected a camera system yet. You have read all the literature trying to figure out which system will best suit your needs. You are confused by the technical language and the camera capabilities? Is the most expensive system the best? How difficult are the menus and the settings? How do you download these photographs and use them in a timely manner? Can the staff do all of this?

The dental assistant or dental hygienist is very capable of taking great photos as well the x-rays. You could probably train them yourself if you just had the time, and time is money.




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