Who Should Attend the Coaching Sessions?

Dental Digital Photography The entire dental team !!

The Doctor : While the doctor may not ever take a photographic image of a patient, it is still important that the owner and leader understand what is possible and how to get a great picture.

The Dental Assistants : The assisting team will most likely be your primary shooters. Photos should be part of your comprehensive examination process. The assistants will take not only a full set of radiographs on patients but a full series of photographs as well.

The Hygiene Team: While the hygienists may not be involved directly in the comprehensive examination process, they can certainly help with the documentation of problem areas during a recall visit. Additionally, the hygienist may be the perfect person to take the After photos along with the patients next maintenance procedure.

The Administrative Team: Often the Treatment Coordinator is very involved in the taking of photographs or the downloading and editing of the images. It is extremely important that the business team understand how to retrieve, edit, duplicate and send an image as an attachment for electronic insurance purposes, or for corresponding with other dental practices. Don’t leave this part of the team out of the learning process.

Advanced Portrait Photography, Photo Editing and Imaging This course is designed for the doctor, the main photography Dental Assistant and the Treatment Coordinator. If you have someone on the team who is fluid with computers, has a love of photography and has taken a huge interest in your dental photography program, invite them to attend as well.

Can you teach us how to use the camera that I already own? Or will the staff only be able to shoot the cameras that you use in your training session?

The training session will be a hands-on learning experience utilizing the newest digital cameras. Most digital camera menus are very similar and the photo techniques are the same regardless of which camera you utilize. We feel it is important that the staff members be using the same camera systems during the hands-on training sessions so that there is continuity in the instructional process. These valuable techniques can be easily be transferred to your present camera system.

Can you teach us how to use the image software that is already on our computer system? Or will the staff only be able to use the software that is used in the training session?

Like the camera system, the standardization of icons, techniques and procedures is very similar in all of today’s image software programs. The training day will focus on the use of the Thumbs Plus software. It will be available for use on three laptop computers provided on the day of training. This again, provides for the continuity of instruction with the entire team. If you have a software program that you prefer to utilize in your practice, Len will be happy to show you how that program works as well.



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