The Structure of an In-Office Coaching Session for Digital
Dental Photography

So that the team will have consistency in training, Len will be bringing Canon
A-630 digital cameras for each team member, Nikon D-200, a Canon Rebel Digital SLR and three Windows based laptops loaded with Thumbs Plus image software (Mac computers are available upon request). This will allow your team members to be working with the same equipment during the training session. Additionally he will bring the supplies and equipment necessary to be able to take fast, easy and attractive portrait photographs. If you have a camera system and/or image software that you are currently using in the office, Len can discuss the similarities and differences (if any) during the training session.

For the initial session of the training, we will need a room larger enough for the entire team. Providing a large work table for the team is beneficial but not mandatory.

The second portion of the training will require a treatment room and a place where we can work with the laptop computers.

Initial Training Session (2 hours) - Recommended entire staff attend

This is a formal presentation for your entire team on Digital Dental Photography. This session will include each team member working with the cameras, getting acquainted with the camera menu, real time demonstration of a patient portrait photo and the series of dental pictures, downloading of the images and simple editing of the pictures.


Hand-On Coaching (3 hours per Group) - Recommended only key players attend

After the initial training session, your team will be divided into groups of three for individual coaching. We encourage all team members to take part in the training but at the very least, these groups will include the doctor and the dental assistants.

In these group sessions, each team member will have an opportunity to take a series of dental photos on a team member, play the role of the patient and play the role of the assistant to the photographer. Following the clinical session of photography, each team member will download their photo card to a computer, learn how to develop a storage file and save the images. This session will include simple photo editing techniques including the use of a histogram, basic color and contrast correction, enlarging techniques, cropping and printing.

While part of your team is being trained in the three hour Hands-On Coaching session, the rest of your team can resume their daily routine of seeing patients and performing administrative duties. We do ask that great care is made in the scheduling of patients on this training day so that the training sessions can be started and completed in a timely manner. The more time you give us, the more we can teach you.

Because each training group will take approximately three hours, two groups of three team members will be the maximum per training day. The day will conclude with a de- briefing session for the doctor with Len. At this time feedback and tips can be given and a discussion of what additional digital photo training is available.




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