Len Bucko is the President of LenBuckoPhoto.com Len has had a curiosity and love for photography his entire life. His diverse background, which includes twenty years of flying with the US Marine Corps as a Top Gun Instructor, serving as a commercial airline pilot with American Airlines, forty years as a Scuba Instructor and Instructor Trainer, and years of studio photography, has allowed Len to travel the world capturing images in the air, on land and beneath the sea.

Ten years ago Lenny made the switch from film/darkroom to digital/computer format and never looked back. His award-winning photos continue to be published in magazines and books from all walks of life.

Most recently in his long photographic career Len has directed his talents to the field of dentistry. Switching to the digitized computer format in the treatment rooms has left many dental personal in need of hands-on training with the use of digital cameras. Lenny is filling that need. His resume now includes successfully coaching dentists and their auxiliaries in the art of digital dental photography in the dental office as well as presenting to dental study clubs, dental societies and dental schools. His years of experience as a lecturer and educator combined with his love and knowledge of photography make Len the perfect digital dental photography coach.

Continuing Education Credit

Len Bucko is a provider of California Continuing Education for Dental Professionals through the California State Board of Dental Examiners.

The Digital Dental Photography In-Office Coaching Seminar provides 4 units of Category I (clinical) Continuing Education for the State of California.


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