Spend a day fine tuning your abilities to capture flattering images of your patients. Learn techniques to improve those images in the digital darkroom (your computer).

We can now control the process from capture to printing. So spend a day with Len to learn the secrets of getting to that next level. You will use the latest Point and Shoot cameras as well as the newest professional level Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras, improving your techniques and learning what is available.

Portraits Simple techniques to improve patient images using


Photo Editing and Imaging
Digital darkroom photo manipulation

This course is appropriate for the doctor, the Treatment Coordinator and the Dental Assistant who will be taking the majority of the images. Because this is an upper level hands-on experience, please contact Len directly to design your one day program.



Introduction       Benefits of Digital Dental Photography's       Coaching Technique    In-Office Coaching       Portrait Photography, Photo Editing & Imaging
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