Review of the Hollywood Movie "THE CAVE", shot at Hidden Worlds Cenote Park during the summer of 2004.

In January of 2004, the final contracts were signed and the team of professional divers was assembled on paper to film the first ever full feature Hollywood movie about cave diving. The name, of course, "THE CAVE". What else?

The Cave by Sony


The movie makers from KARST Productions in Florida with the world famous underwater photographer Wes Skiles were chosen by Lake Shore Films to make this movie about an alien monster that dwells in the underwater caves and lives off human beings.

I was fortunate to be hired by Wes as the Camp Location Manager and Diving Coordinator, based on our experience working together in the same capacity some three years earlier on the IMAX movie "Journey Into Amazing Caves".

The first two months of the film was shot in a 3 million liter water tank/studio in Romania and then the production team came to the Yucatan Peninsula. Buddy Quattlebaum and his staff at the Hidden Worlds Cenote Park, just south of Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, prepared several camp sites for the arrival of the cave diving team.

Many days were spent building decks, scouting dive locations, coordinating catering, transportation, lodging and all the parts that would enable twenty open circuit and ten re breather stunt doubles to dive in real caves.

Another big challenge was building a portable topside production office to support the million dollar High Definition Video Camera and housing that had a 1000 ft. fiber optic cable attached to it.

The professionalism of the production team and the experience of the team of the world's most famous cave divers made it possible to capture the most beautiful scenes that you will ever see.

I was lucky to be part of this incredible process and I look forward to hearing your comments now that the movie has been released. Remember, I did not write the story line, I just helped make the movie happen. "Jaws", "Alien" and "Predator" all looked pretty shaky on paper but once they hit the screen they were huge hits. Some people just like to scare themselves to death.

Come on down to the Yucatan and I will take you diving where the Monster ate the "THE CAVE" rescue team. If we are lucky we might find an artifact or two or even see the "Monster" himself.


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