Andrew Struisner

I just had the pleasure of spending 7 days with Andrew Struisner teaching wide angle and macro photography.

Andrew is a Commodities Trader in Chicago and we met at the Ourworld Underwater Show in February of this year.

He recently purchased a Nikon D-200 digital SLR and a Subal housing for it so we had lots of fun gathering images in the pool and then headed to the ocean and the fresh water Cenotes of the Mayan Riviera.

Macro at Paradise Shallow and wide angle at Taj Ma Hal,The Garden of Eden, and Hidden Worlds were some of the photo highlights but dinner on the beach at Café Del Mar and a trip to Playa Del Carmen certainly added to the experience.

We also had a great high speed drift dive at Tortugas with twenty different turtles and a school of very large Tarpin.

Andrew is a great diver who does a lot of liveabord excursions and I expect to be seeing a lot of his images soon because he has a good eye and is very aware of our fragile environment underwater.

Great student, great week, great new friend!!!



Badly Bent Bluegrass Cave Exploration Team

I had the unique pleasure of spending the day and evening with the fantastic bluegrass band from Colorado, Badly Bent. They were in town to play a gig and were staying with their banjo player Mark Epstein, who lives part time here in Puerto Aventures.

I took them to The Hidden Worlds Cenote Park and we had a real above and in water adventure exploring the locations where we shot the movie...The Cave. Bill Adams, Robb Brophy, Pat Dressen. Jeff Hibshman, and Mark all worked up an appetite and a thirst swimming in the tunnels and in the darkness looking for the alien cave monster so we had to conduct our dive debrief at Casa Cenote to enjoy the local Nachos and cold beverages of choice.

That night we played music into the late hours with the Cafe Ole Band and the Badly Bent Bluegrass Cave Exploration Team.The diving was a first for them and bluegrass at night with steel drums was also a new experience. I really enjoyed my time with these guys and I have a strong feeling that they will be back. They have to return, we never found the cave monster. Check out their web site, these guys are really good.


Dominic Carrozza

Dominic Carrozza came to town on 2 April with his Nikon D-100 Digital Camera in it's Light and Motion Titan housing. He was ready to do some advanced multi strobe and slave photography.

He works in Redondo Beach, California part time as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor so while he was here we worked on some Instructor Specialty Ratings in Navigation, Enriched Air and of course, Photography!

Dominic is already a great photographer so I had a lot of fun introducing him to some techniques for our unique lighting situations in the crystal clear waters of the cenotes and local ocean reefs. We had a nice balance of class room time and ocean/fresh water sessions. We sampled the local establishments for great food and adult beverages as well.

If you need a class back in the Los Angeles area, be sure to look for Dominic's classes at Body Glove's, Dive 'N Surf Store. You will definitely learn a lot from him and have a chance to see a pro at work. Thanks for our week together, Dom, I too learned a lot.


David Scarborough

David Scarborough visited Puerto Aventuras, Mexico on 29 - March and stayed until 3 - April.

He brought all his Video Equipment and we had a great time visiting seven different Cenotes. We captured the incredible light in the Sacred Mayan Caverns.

Lots of wind and lumpy seas keep us out of the ocean but we still got in two dives a day as well as class time to reinforce all of our teaching points.

I had a great week working with David and he is going to be a star on his next dive club trip when all of his friends in Atlanta want a copy of his next great video. Great week David! Keep up the good work, keep shooting.


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