Len has a long history in photography on the land, sea and air. A certified diver since 1958, an Airline Transport Pilot and the holder of a 100 ton Captain’s license have allowed Len to capture images in many varied locations. Years of studio work and 20 years of flying with the US Marine Corps as a Top Gun Instructor and American Airlines have given Len the chance to teach diving and photography all over the world. He has also been a NAUI and YMCA Scuba instructor and is currently a PADI Course Director/Instructor Examiner.

Len started cave diving in the mid eighties. The challenges of capturing the light rays of the sacred Cenotes and the darkness of the Yucatan caves have produced images that many other
photographers have tried to emulate.

Through the use of multiple strobes, slave flash and video fill lights Len has mastered unique techniques that he teaches in his video and photo courses in the ocean and fresh water caverns and caves of the Maya, in Mexico. Solving the light triangle equation for key, back and fill lighting takes on a new challenge when I teach people to “see the light” underwater. Strong back light situations in the ocean, caverns and cave tunnels, void of any light at all, provide lots of opportunity to “paint” the color and balance the temperature of artificial lights and natural sunlight.

The transition to all digital cameras has made him a pioneer in the Yucatan on the latest equipment and techniques. Len’s images have been featured in many magazines and other publications. Most recently, in Advanced Diver Magazine and by PADI and National Geographic to promote their new diver certification program. Years of experience as a professional photographer, videographer, cameraman and lighting technician earned Len the position of Dive Coordinator/Underwater Production Manager for the IMAX film “Journey Into Amazing Caves” and the feature film “The Cave”.

Len divides his time between San Diego, Puerto Aventuras, Mexico and Marsh Harbour in the Bahamas Where he runs his Video and Photo Schools.

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