My dental assistant took her first set of pictures today and they came out beautifully! What a treat to have my assistants help with the photos for the case presentations. I was resisting because I wanted to use my fancy camera, but I am seeing that this process will really simplify my life.”
Silvia Cardona DDS El Segundo, CA

"Lenny was a great asset for my office staff training. He is very knowledgeable of dental photography and has set up a great system to teach the process. He is very conscientious of the staff's time so he comes prepared and organized. I heartily recommend
Lenny Bucko."
David Seccombe, DDS Claremont, CA

"Digital Photography for the Photographically Challenged: Wow! This is the course! Our trainer, Lenny, came to our office and fully armed my staff with all that was necessary to move forward and conquer the unknown area of dental was easy and fun! The staff, who was initially intimidated by the camera, was confident and knowledgeable at the end of this training. Lenny left us with his words, direction, encouragement and a MANUAL to assure success in the future. Thank you Len for a fun, educational and valuable course."
Sharon Mateja, DDS Rancho Cucamunga, CA

“A novel and refreshing hands on approach to teaching new technologies! Len Bucko went way beyond our expectations with his professionalism, knowledge and teaching style that created such enthusiasm in our office staff. Our confidence is up, we are taking great photos, downloading correctly, storing and retrieving them easily. Thanx Lenny!”
Merv Ellstrom, DDS Moreno Valley, CA

"Len was very knowledgeable and personable. His upbeat approach kept the training right on schedule while making it fun and enjoyable. The team now feels much more confident taking the digital pictures of our patients. I would highly recommend his services."
Jeffrey Stein, DDS Lancaster, CA

"I have been a management consultant for private practicing dentists since 1980.  In all of my years of consulting I have not seen anything that has impacted the credibility of the dental team and the case acceptance rate of treatment like computerization of the treatment rooms and digital photography for patients.  Patients are more easily educated and motivated toward a higher level of dental care when they can easily see for themselves the treatment that is needed.  While we have used intra-oral video cameras for years in patient education, the impact is still not as dramatic as the one that is created with high quality still-digital images.

For the last few years I have been encouraging my clients to incorporate digital photography into their daily routines.  It has been a difficult task because the doctor always felt that the responsibility of learning the photography techniques and the actual taking of the pictures fell on his/her shoulders.  When Lenny started working with my dental teams all of that changed.  His unique in-office coaching style easily allows dental auxiliaries to understand the basics of photography and editing, resulting in really great dental images.  Incorporating the digital photos into the comprehensive exam appointment becomes easy when the dental assistant is confident in the process.

Lenny’s knowledge of photography, cameras and the editing of images is unmatched.   Having been a professional educator for his entire adult life, he has the experience and unique ability to structure the lesson to the level of the student.  His approach is fun and upbeat making for a very enjoyable day for all."
Pamela Strother

"As the Treatment Coordinator in a fee for service dental practice, my role is to make sure that the patient understands the needed dental treatment, understands the fees for the services, and the role of their dental insurance carrier.   Following in-office training with Lenny, we  started incorporating a complete series of digital extra- oral and intra-oral pictures whenever a patient was due for a full series of radiographs and a comprehensive exam.  What a difference that has made! Patients are much more motivated to say yes and appoint immediately when they have seen the photos of the teeth in question.  Showing a patient an x-ray of the area just doesn't have the same impact.  I spend less time talking with the patient at the consultation  appointment and  less time in follow-up conversations.  My job has become much easier and more rewarding because I don’t feel like I selling patients on needed treatment."               
Maria Carrasco Treatment Coordinator for Lynn Fasnacht, DDS
Long Beach, CA


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